• Image of Lombok Ikat Throw - Plum

Handwoven textile throw made in the traditional Ikat style on the island of Lombok.

Ikat is a 'resist dyeing' technique used to create the designs on the fabric. The fabric is dyed by binding individual yarns with a tight wrapping applied. The yarns are then dried and woven into the final textile pattern.

This is an incredibly complicated process, as the weaver has to precisely dye the threads, and place them correctly into the device so it forms the correct pattern when woven.

Extremely good quality and durable fabric. Please note this item is handwoven by local Indonesian villagers and so may have slight imperfections. We think this adds to the charm, though!

Dry clean, hand wash or 30C machine wash on a delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry.

Approximate measurements: 175cm x 230